BioCell Collagen CG



BioCell Collagen CG-WS (Collagen Peptide Aggrecan Hyaluronate Copolymer) is a yellowish to amber liquid for cosmetic application. BioCell Collagen CG-WS is preserved with citric acid and potassium sorbate.

Younger-looking skin with more hydration

Topical Skin Support

  •  Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines
  •  Helps increase hydration to help skin’s barrier function


  • BioCell Collagen CG-WS is dissolved into both water and lipid phase and can be applied to many different topical applications.


Formulators and manufacturers of diverse personal care products with topical applications.


What is in BioCell Collagen CG-WS?

BioCell Collagen CG-WS is a patented, naturally-occurring matrix of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and aggrecan containing glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as chondroitin sulfate (CS) and hyaluronic acid (HA). Collagen, CS, and HA are essential structural components in the skin dermis and responsible for the skin's moisture, suppleness, elasticity, and beauty. These molecules degrade as we age contributing to disarray or collapse of the dermal matrix structure, resulting in dermal dehydration and eventual aged skin appearance such as fine lines, wrinkles and superficial sagging. BioCell Collagen CG-WS is a cosmetic ingredient developed to help promote younger looking skin. For this innovative technology, BioCell Technology received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan's 2012 North American Collagen Peptide in Personal Care New Product Innovation Award. The Frost & Sullivan Award is presented annually to a company that has demonstrated best-in-class innovation and growth. The merits of this prestigious award are based upon the technological innovation of multi-patented and multi-faceted BioCell Collagen® CG leading to its unique set of molecular and biochemical properties. Provision of a synergy between biologically active collagen peptides and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid together with inhibition of hyaluronidase (HA-degrading enzyme) offers a unique mechanism for skin beauty and clearly differentiates this cosmetic ingredient in the overcrowded market. The patented technology and robust science behind the product are the prime factors that have made the product one of a kind.

BioCell Collagen® has been awarded four United States Patents for the manufacturing and various uses thereof. Other US and foreign patents pending.

Is BioCell Collagen CG-WS safe and hypoallergenic?

Our dermatologist reviewed studies demonstrate that BioCell Collagen CG-WS is non-irriting and non-allergenic on human skin and non-cytotoxic to the cells. BioCell Collagen CG-WS is free from animal testing…

How can BioCell Collagen provide topical skin benefits?

HA level in the skin is maintained by the balance of HA synthases and hyaluronidases. Aging is associated with heightened hyaluronidase activity which accelerates HA breakdown contributing to skin aging process. BioCell Collagen provides biologically-active constituents including collagen peptides and low molecular weight HA in a unique patented matrix that elicits strong hyaluronidase inhibition and protects HA from degradation. The properties lend to a unique mechanism of action that helps to improve skin hydration and promote younger looking skin.

Can I use both ingestible and topical BioCell Collagen for better skin benefits?

Yes. Although how soon an individual may get intended skin health benefits varies, this two-pronged approach with both ingestible and topical formulation could lead to faster and more enhanced skin benefits because it works from both inside and outside.