i-Sabi Wasabia Japonica

i-Sabi™ - Nature’s Master Switch to Wellness™

A Powerful Nrf-2 Activator 

i-Sabi™ is a natural dietary ingredient made from the rhizomes of pure Wasabia japonica. i-Sabi™ provides a full spectrum of ITCs that supports your immune system, detoxifies and maintains healthy liver function, and provides strong antioxidant activity for cellular health. i-Sabi™ is trademarked "The Master Switch to Wellness" given its ability to activate Nrf-2, a genetic master switch that induces a set of genes that are involved in the protection of cells against various stresses and damage. i-Sabi™ is laboratory tested and has been shown to exhibit the following properties:


Potent liver detoxification via activation of Nrf-2, a master switch for cell-protective genes


Protecting cells against oxidative damage


Promoting healthy immune responses


Enhancing neurite growth

ITCs (isothiocyanates) are the key active compounds of Wasabi plant and activate Nrf-2, a master switch to induce a set of genes that are involved in the protection of cells against various stresses and damage. Additionally, i-Sabi containing approximately 12,000 ppm ITCs was shown to maintain the activity of Cox-1 in vitro, while promoting healthy immune function.


  • i-Sabi can be formulated in various dosage forms including capsules, tablets, soft-gels, powder blends, and functional foods.
  • Considering various biological properties, i-Sabi can be used in various condition-specific formulations, as a stand-alone dietary supplement or as part of multi-ingredient formula.


Cells throughout our body are under various types of stress from oxidation and toxic substances. Everyone can benefit from i-Sabi to promote both healthy liver and immune function by eliciting healthy physiological responses to these stresses which could otherwise damage cells and tissues.


What is i-Sabi?

i-Sabi™ is a novel ITC rich dietary ingredient derived from the rhizomes of the wasabia japonica (wasabi) plant.

Is i-Sabi safe for human consumption?

Yes, as wasabi has been traditionally used as the famous sushi condiment. There have been no adverse events reported in studies in animal models as well.

How much ITCs does i-Sabi have?

i-Sabi is manufactured via a proprietary process so that the glucosinolate-myrosinase system in the plants generates a highest amount of ITCs (approximately 12, 000 ppm).

What are the major health benefits and how?

They include liver detoxification and healthy immune support. i-Sabi can also provide antioxidant and brain health support. Its mechanism of action has been identified as Nrf-2 activation which is the key upstream event.

Why is Nrf-2 called a master switch to wellness?

Cells are under constant attack from internal and external stresses caused by oxygen, smoking, grilled meat, and sunlight, which generate highly reactive substances such as radicals. Subsequent damages to cells may underlie a number of health problems.

Cells in our body have a stress-response system to protect themselves against the reactive substances by a battery of enzymes and radical scavengers. The major switch that turns on the protection system is Nrf-2. Studies have shown that ITCs richly contained in i-Sabi activates Nrf-2 which induces various cytoprotective enzymes downstream in a signaling cascade. This Nrf-2 system helps cells effectively cope with oxidative, and xenobiotic cell-damaging stresses.

How is i-Sabi different from broccoli ingredient?

Although wasabi and broccoli belong to the same cruciferous vegetable family, wasabi is more potent. Broccoli’s phytochemical is called sulforaphane, while i-Sabi’s active phytochemical is called 6-HITC. 6-HITC appears to be more potent in liver detoxification because the levels of induction of GST and NQO-1 enzymes are higher.

What is an effective daily dose of i-Sabi?

The recommended dose is 200 mg 1 to 3 times a day. The dose is determined in studies performed using animal models.