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BioCell Technology, LLC, founded in 1997, is in the business of researching, developing, branding, and distributing novel dietary ingredients which are supported by science to improve quality of life. BioCell Technology’s branded ingredients are available under licensing to marketers and manufacturers of finished products.

Why We License

Our branded ingredients can be purchased only through a licensing agreement. BioCell Technology LLC believes that licensing is the best way to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of the innovative finished products that contain our branded ingredients in the market.

What We License:

BioCell Collagen®

Our flagship ingredient BioCell Collagen is a clinically researched, multi-patented ingredient that promotes active joints (ingestible) and younger looking skin (both ingestible and topical).

Four different grades of BioCell Collagen are offered for various applications: 

  • Fine Powder for use in capsules and soft gels
  • High Density Powder 30% more dense than our fine powder.
  • Tablet Grade (TG) for use in tablets
  • Food Grade (FG) for use in functional food applications
  • Cosmetic Grade (CG-WS) for use in topical applications.


A manufacturer can choose a right formulation into the finished product to satisfy the unmet needs of the consumer.


Wasabi’s key active compound, 6-HITC (methylsulfinylhexyl isothiocyanate) stimulates Nrf-2, a master switch to induce genes that are involved in the liver detoxification and protection of various cells against stresses and damage. i-Sabi containing minimun 15,000 ppm 6-HITC also provides healthy immune support by suppressing Cox-2 specifically, an enzyme responsible for chronic inflammation.


EstraFlex™ CMO is a proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids, including cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, cetyl oleate, cetyl palmitoleate, and cetyl palmitate. Cetyl myristoleate has positive effects on the inflammation and pain of the joint, thereby improving its mobility.

Who We License

Typical licensees include leading marketers of finished consumer products and contract manufacturers.

Typical Terms

Although every license scenario tends to be different, typically the licenses that we grant to customers and partners are non-exclusive with no fees or royalties. There are quality assurance and labeling requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please fill out the form below or contact us at (714) 632-1231.

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